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S&S title fountain Simon and Simon
    If you had a thing for those different-as-day-and-night private investigators Rick and A.J. Simon, you're not alone.  Although they're not on television anymore, there are many fabulous websites if you find yourself in the throes of eighties nostalgia.

Completely Unofficial Simon and Simon Site (Laura's)
Simon and Simon Gallery
Simon and Simon - Episode Guide
Simon and Simon Page (With Fan Fiction Links)
Kenda Buxton's Simon and Simon Fan Fiction Library
Yahoo's Simon and Simon Group
Jameson Parker Tribute Tour
Jeanne's Simon and Simon Fan Website
Simon and Simon Fan Fiction by JJJunky

A-Team Group Shot with Guns The A-Team  (Quotations from:
"And Mr. T. Drives The Car":  Reflections on 'The A-Team'" by Kent Worcester)
    "The critical consensus seems to be that 'The A-Team' is unadulterated garbage of a particularly pernicious kind."
    Description of the show supposedly from a memo from Brandon Tartikoff to Stephen J. Cannell:  "Road Warrior.  Magnificent Seven.  Dirty Dozen.  'Mission Impossible.'  All rolled into one.  And Mr. T drives the car"

    One of my fondest memories of growing up was watching shows like the A-Team with my Dad.  We would tune in to see how many jeeps would fly through the air, what incredible machines the team would build with pieces of junk and only a few minutes left on the clock, and we would quote the expected lines as they came along:  "I love it when a plan comes together"; "Nice, B.A.!";  "It's Decker!"; "I've got you this time, Smith."  Even though it may be formulaic and it's definitely dated, the show still makes me feel that 11-year-old's sense of joy at the spectacular silliness of it all.

A-Team Episode Guide
A-Team Resource
Famous Glitches from the A-Team
A-Team Shrine
A-Team Canon
The Dark Murdock Club
Vietnam - Research Links
118th Assault Helicopter Company - The Thunderbirds

A-Team Fan Fiction Links

Fan Fiction from the Virtual Asylum
A-Team Slash Fiction Archive
Auntie Hill's A-Team Fiction
Ivanova's A-Team Fiction
Rita MacAuslan's A-Team Fiction
A-Team Fiction at FanFiction.Net

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