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The A-Team belongs to Stephen J. Cannell.  Fanfic writers, like myself, are just borrowing the characters and concepts to play with and build upon to extend the lives of the characters of shows or works of literature that have left a tangible impression on us.  No copyright infringement is intended and I am making no money from this.  I write these stories only for personal enjoyment.

Up In Smoke (PG-13)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The team experiences plane trouble while escaping from Guatemalan drug dealers.
Time frame: First season, pre-Decker.
Warnings: Violence, some swearing, injury to main characters.
Parts: Complete
Added:  March 2004

Thank Heaven for Little Girls (R)
Rating: R

Summary:  Vietnam.  The guys' lives get complicated when B.A. finds an orphaned Vietnamese girl and sends her back to base with Murdock.
Warnings: Language (f-word), violence, descriptions of war violence, sexual innuendo, racial slurs (in context of time period).
Parts: Complete
Added:  March 2004

The "A" Team: A Grad School Parody (G)
Rating: G
Summary: A short parody of the introduction and characters.  Just for fun!
Warnings: None.
Parts: Complete
Added:  Feb. 2004

Point of No Return (G)
Rating: General (one or two swear words)
Summary: Missing Scene from the Season 5 episode "Point of No Return."  When Hannibal goes missing on a solo mission in Hong Kong, the team "convinces" Stockwell to take them with him to find the colonel.  This scene takes place on the plane heading overseas.
Warnings: None that I can think of.

Parts: Complete
Added:  Jan. 2004

************************SLASH SECTION**********************
The following fics may contain sexually explicit material in various levels.
If you are not at least 18, please leave immediately.
If you are offended by the suggestion of or depiction of same sex relationships, please leave immediately.

First Time (NC-17)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An R&R in Saigon doesn't turn out exactly as planned.
Warnings: Slash, Face/Murdock.  Male/male sexual touching, sexual innuendo, memories of war violence, profanity.
Parts: Complete
Added:  April 2004

Breathing Lessons (PG-13)
Rating: PG-13

Summary: A missing scene fic from "The Duke of Whispering Pines."  It starts within the episode where B.A. and Murdock are being taken out to the woods and shows what happens afterwards.
Warnings: Slash, Face/Murdock.  Violence, some swearing, m/m sexual situations.  Possible episode spoilers.
Parts: Complete
Added:  Feb. 2004

Four Vignettes (G to R)
Rating: Mostly G, except for Vignette 4, which is R.
Type: Vignette 4 is F/M slash. The rest are just regular team moments.
Summary: Response to Challenge Week – Challenge 6 from Jipster.
Challenge was to write a response in 14 sentences ending each sentence with a particular word in
a particular order: quickly, said, moving, warehouse, ordered, it, fight, Murdock, message, again,
in, Face, closer, day. I've taken one or two liberties with the words.
Warnings: Some suggestion of violence. Vignette 4 contains m/m consensual sex (although you
can't do that much in 14 lines!)

Added:  October 2003

Nights Like This (PG-13)
Rating:  PG/PG-13

Type:  Light slash (suggested).
Summary:  One lonely night, a team member reflects on his absent partner.  Response to 500 word character description challenge (A-Slash Challenge #8).
Pairing: Face/Murdock
Warnings:  Suggested slash relationship, nothing graphic.

Added:  August 2003

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