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Stand-alone Stories (Gen)
Equipment Failure - May 2006

Rating:  PG
Summary:  It happens to everyone.
Spoilers:  None.

Independence - Mar. 2006

Rating:  G
Summary:  "He is leaving me.  I don't know how I know, but I do."
Spoilers:  None.

Three Email - Jan. 2006

Rating:  G
Summary:  Dr. Kavanagh sent three encrypted email from The Daedelus.
Spoilers:  "Critical Mass"

Five Things Rodney Forgot - April 21, 2009

Rating:  PG
Spoilers:  Through 5.6

Stand-alone Stories (Slash)
A Little Learning - Dec. 2005
Rating:  PG
Summary:  A little learning is a dangerous thing.
Spoilers:  Through "The Defiant One."

Care in the Holding - Nov. 2005
Rating:  R
Summary:  “You brought me here to show me your gun?”
Spoilers:  Everything through "Seige III."  The story follows the characters through a more-or-less loosely-based S1.

Distraction - Mar. 2006
Rating:  R
Summary:  “Have you tried ear plugs?” Rodney asks.  “It’s in my head, Rodney. Ear plugs don’t do a lot when the voices are inside your brain!”
Spoilers:  Minor for "Duet" and "The Long Goodbye."

The First Pressing - June 2006 
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  John doesn’t know when he started thinking people had to justify being happy.
Spoilers:  None really.  Set post-Runner, S2.

Five Kisses - Mar. 2006
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Five kiss vignettes.
Spoilers:  Minor for "Brotherhood."

Five Impossible Things Rodney McKay Did Before Breakfast
- October 2006 

Rating:  PG-13
Rodney hates that this is the day he’s going to disappoint everyone, and it’s little consolation he probably won’t be around to deal with the fall-out.
Spoilers:  Season 1 up til "The Eye."

For All Intents and Porpoises - Nov. 2005
Rating:  PG
Summary:  In which there is great discovery, creamy butterscotch pudding, and too many fish jokes.
Spoilers:  Through to "Sanctuary."

Lost in Waiting - June 2006
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  "You can’t have it both ways, Colonel. If you haven’t had any relationships, either you’re having the occasional one-night stand or you’re not having sex at all.”
Spoilers:  Through S2 - just to be safe.

Negotiations - Jan. 2006
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Aliens made them do it … but they didn’t have to try very hard.
Spoilers:  Set in S2 somewhere - no real spoilers, though a small reference to "Duet."

No More Dreadful Punishment - May 2006
Rating:  R
Summary:  Like Sisyphus, Rodney keeps doing the impossible tasks - until he can't.
Spoilers:  Through to "Inferno."

There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to Do - May 2006
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Everyone breaks.
Spoilers:  Through to "Critical Mass."

Unsuitable Men - September 2011    NEW!!
Rating:  NC-17
McKay is kidnapped and traumatized on an alien planet.
Warnings:  Attempted rape/non-con.  Please heed more detailed warnings in the notes section on the story page.

Very, Very Improbable - Jan. 2006
Rating:  PG
Summary:  "Beautiful Air Force Lt. Colonels of either gender didn’t just show up and start kissing him without the universe punishing him in some way."
Spoilers:  Through to "Grace Under Pressure".

Wrestle Tiger, Return to Mountain - Mar. 2006
Rating: PG
Summary: “If you have a ZPM or technology that’s not working, I’m your man, but wrestling tigers clearly falls under Colonel Sheppard’s areas of expertise.”

Coda to the Hive (2 related fics)
Tell Me Lies - Nov. 2005
Rating:  G
Summary:  Rodney really does suck at lying.  Even to himself.
Spoilers:  Coda to "The Hive." 

What Lies Beneath - Dec. 2005
Rating:  PG
Summary:  John realizes he doesn't have all the information about what happened to Rodney.
Spoilers:  Through "The Hive" including some dialogue from the episode. Follow-up to Tell Me Lies.

Bonded like Electrons Series

Better in the Long Run - Oct. 2005
Rating:  G.  Pre-slash.
Summary:  Being a man is a difficult thing.  Sheppard POV.

Solve for Y - Oct. 2005
Rating:  G.  Pre-slash.
Summary:  Rodney considers the quantum mechanics of a hug.  McKay POV.

Stand-Alone RPS Stories (Pre-Slash and Slash)
Real Person Slash involves writing about real people in fictionalized ways.  I'm interested in the ways persona (especially for actors who assume multiple personas as part of their work) intersects with character.  If this concept bothers you or if you are below the legal age of consent in your area, please do not read.  These stories are FICTION and are not meant in any way to represent the real lives of the people involved.

That Inevitable Awkward Question - June 2007

Rating:  PG-13.  Pre-slash.  (Joe/David)
Summary:  Joe's getting really tired of that kissing thing.

When Joe Met David - June 2007
Rating:  NC-17.  Slash.  (Joe/David.)
They’ve had a little trouble casting the part of African-American astrophysicist Dr. Ingram.

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