Smallville Drinking Game (or How to Take Communion in the Luthor-an Cult) (Last Updated Jan. 2005)
Rating:  ADULT

Rules/Procedures: Get together with a group of your friends, dig out your Smallville tapes or DVDs, and pour a round of drinks.  (Recommended beverage: Absolut Kurant because it smells like purple.)

Special Considerations:
    If Martha gets to Hug Clark - everyone must yell "Who Loves Her Job?" and take a drink.
    If at any time a single scene contains three of the items on your list - a Holy Triumvirate - you must finish whatever is in your glass and get a refill. (e.g.  If Lex mentions destiny while standing in front of The Wall of Weird while Clark is apologizing for the meteor shower).
    When Clark does the Ash Dance in "Reaper" (just ‘cause we love it!), everyone must do the Ash Dance!
    When Lex is hit with the frying pan in "Precipice", everyone must yell: "Don't Pan the Node!"
    When Clark toasts bread with his eyes, everyone must yell: "He's the best thing since sliced bread!"
    When Clark and Lana kiss, throwing up sounds are allowed.
    Spontaneous applause is encouraged, particularly for instances of clothing ripping, Lex rescuing, or particularly Clexy scenes.

When someone spots something on the list, call it out.  Everyone raises a glass and takes a drink.

Take one drink if:

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