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The following fics may contain sexually explicit material in various levels.
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Moment of Impact
Rating: G
Summary: Between the rescue and the arrival of Clark's Dad. Later Lex ponders how meeting Clark has changed his life.
Archived: April 2004

Shall We Dance?
Rating: PG
Summary: Clark desperately needs Lex's help, and after some convincing, Lex obliges.
Archived: May 2004

How Lex Luthor Learned to Love Mondays

Rating:  R
Summary:  Lex has always hated Mondays.

Archived:  June 2004

When Harry Met Lex (A Spiderman/Smallville Crossover)
Rating:  PG
Pairings:  Clark/Lex, Harry/Peter (suggested).
Summary:  Lex gives relationship advice to former classmate Harry Osborn.
Archived: July 2004
On the Edge of a Knife 
Rating:  R/NC-17

Summary: Lex's evening has scored particularly high on the Luthor Scale of Tragic Dates. When he confesses to Toby that he thinks he's destined to be alone, an eavesdropping Clark is determined to change his mind.

Notes:  Written for 
The Zodiac Challenge - Cancer - "Sneaky Love Challenge"
Archived: July 2004
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: "Lex, how exactly did you get your head stuck in the banister?"
 July 2004

Sealed with a Kiss
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:   "
We're standing in Lex's office with Lana serving coffee right outside and I'm waiting for you to kiss me so we can see if you poison me or not.  That's weird, even by Smallville standards."
Notes:  Written for the Clexfest 9th Wave Alien!Clark Challenge:  poison breath.

Archived:  August 2004

Afternoon Inversions
Rating:  NC-17
Lex seeks inner balance through yoga, and Clark tests the limits of Lex's concentration in interesting ways.

Notes:  Written for The Zodiac Challenge - Leo - "Blowjob of the Year Challenge"
Archived:  August 2004

Getting Jiggy
Rating:  NC-17
A newspaper article and a nosy reporter interfere in our boys’ plans for getting jiggy.
Archived:  October 2004

A Trip to Wonderland
Rating:  R
“Clark had the feeling that somewhere between dinner and the bedroom he’d accidentally fallen down some kind of pornographic rabbit-hole. He wasn’t sure he wanted to climb out.”
Notes:  Written for the Clark/Lex Ficathon at the request of kitkat3979.
Archived:  October 2004

A Trip to Wonderland: Epilogue
Rating:  R
Summary:  Clark might have left out a few details about his experiences in Wonderland.  Lex is persistent in finding out.
Notes:  Follow-up to A Trip to Wonderland.
Archived:  November 2004

Everything You Want
Rating:  PG-13
Pairings:  Helen/Chloe, Clark/Lex  (pre-slash), Lex/Helen (implied).
Summary:  Helen Bryce wants everything ... will Chloe be the person who helps her get everything she wants?
Notes:  Written for the Smallville Flash Fiction Challenge 2.0 at the request of  selfinduced who made COVER ART!
Archived:  November 2004

A Lump of Coal
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  It was supposed to be a joke.
Notes:   Written for the Slash Advent Calendar 2004 (Dec. 15)
Archived:  January 2005

Take Us To Your Luthor
Rating:  R
Summary:  Aliens have come to earth with a special request for Lex, and Clark is none too happy.
Notes:   A stand-alone Future!Fic in the Shadows and Stone Universe
Archived:  January 2005

Greener Pastures
Rating:  R
Summary:   It all began with the sheep.
Notes:  Written for the SV Gang's Secret Slasher Christmas Exchange 2004.
Archived:  January 22, 2005

Dancing at The Purple Parrot
Rating:  R
Summary:  Lex couldn’t believe it, but the man seemed to be blushing.  An awkward stripper in plaid who was blushing.  “Oh, no,” Lex murmured to himself.  “Oh God, no.”
Notes:   Written for the
Clexfest 10th Wave College!Clark Challenge:  broke student scrounging for money.
Archived:  January 2005
New Link:  May 2005

The Sweet Scent of Orchids
Rating:  R. 
Lionel/Lex (minor), Clark/Lex (implied), Lionel/Lillian (remembered)
Summary:    “He can’t bring himself to feel ashamed.  This is the closest he has ever been to his son.  He knows he has never been a good father.  He doesn’t believe he has been a bad one either.”
Missing scene from Transference.
Archived:  May 17, 2005

Geeks and Dolls
Rating:  PG.
Clark's found the perfect Christmas present for Lex, but will blundering bank robbers and Convenient Head Trauma interfere?
Notes:  Written for the SV Gang's Secret Slasher Christmas Exchange 2005 (Merry Sue!).
Archived:  Jan. 31, 2006

A Covering of Snow

Rating:  G
Summary:  A conversation in a graveyard.  Spoilers for "Reckoning."
Notes: Written for the SV Flash Fiction 33.1 Minutes Challenge.
Archived:  June 12, 2006


Rating: PG
Summary:  Clark learns to appreciate the phone booth.
Notes: Written for the SV Flash Fiction Enclosed Spaces Challenge.
Archived:  June 28, 2007

To Catch a Thief  NEW!!
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Clark learns to appreciate the phone booth.
Notes: Written for the SV Gang's Merry Sue Christmas Exchange 2006.  "Get a Clue, Merry Sue."
Archived:  January 22, 2008

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