Smallville Recommendations Page (Updated:  Jan.  22, 2008)
I'll continue to update as I rebuild my bookmarks file and go hunting for fics I love, but haven't added yet.
I'm a CLex girl, so pretty much all of these stories deal with Clark and Lex, unless otherwise noted.
You'll notice my categories are a bit loose ... but never cheap.
If you have suggestions for fics that might satisfy my interests (um, kinks), let me know

Comfort Food - Stories I can read again and again because they're just that good.
The Butterfly Effect by The Spike
    She takes what happened to Lex in "Hourglass" and spins it with such mastery that you forget this isn't what happened.
Consolation by Andariel
    Clark loses the election, but it doesn't really matter because Lex is there to help distract him.  This is so HOT!
Convergence by Rushlight
    When multiple universes collide ... you see what might have happened if they'd taken different paths.
Earthbound by Keelywolfe
    Lex is afraid of that cornfield ... and with good reason.  Maybe Clark can help him face his fears.
Golden by CJ and reetchick
    A beautiful story with one of the best Protective!Lex scenes ever.  Lex racing across town in his Ferrari to rescue Clark makes me go "Guh!" every time I read it.
The Identical Series by Lanning Cook
    The greatest story ever told.  This story departs from canon just after "Nicodemus", but still manages to weave canon throughout the rest of it.  It is funny, angsty, and beautifully written with one of the best ever original characters in Eli Cohen.  If you haven't read it, you must.
Interstitial by Punk
    One of the very best "Clark is losing his powers" stories ever.
Paying the Piper by Artemis
    A nice clubbing fic that has Possessive!Lex.  The sequel is:  The Sandman Visits
A Picture of Home (or Long After Midnight) by Wendi
      Clark and Lex figure it out with the help of Chinese take-out, a friendly mouse, and a knitted "Porn Star" cap.
Psychobabble by Prufrock
    Their relationship can be so good and so painful all at the same time.
Sleep While I Drive by Jenn
Or pretty much anything by Jenn, but this is one I read and re-read.  She calls it a schmoopy Clexian Fairytale, but it's so much more than that.  Powerful, languidly slow and intense, beautiful.  Neither of them asks the questions they should, and they finally figure out why.
  by Te
    Clark and Lex go to "The Lost Boys".  Lex explains subtext.  Yeah.
Three Impossible Things by Jenn
    I love this Clark - aggressive, wanting, petulant, determined.  He finally decides what he wants - at the worst possible time for everyone else - and he won't be deterred.  And Lex really isn't protesting that hard.  Sad and poignant, but utterly compelling.  You hurt for them to be happy.
Undone by Hope
    The things people do for love.  Or friendship.

Bigger is Better - I like my fics and I like them long.  Satisfying.  Complicated.
As the Night the Day by Alax and Dana
Corner of the World Series by Serafina
Games Series by Orithain and Rina
Identical Series by Lanning Cook
Keep Your Head Down by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
The Lazarus Gap by Dolimir
Lex Luthor, Ace Reporter by Serafina
Nourishment Series by Janet F. Caires-Lesgold
Not in my Kansas by GothGirl
Orbiting Series by Rhiannonhero
Omiai by Rose Emily
The Prometheus Project by Mistress Ace
Promise and Not Yet by Ruby
Pyrrhic by Perryvic and Kat Reitz
Sleep While I Drive by Jenn
Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by Jenn
Such a Pretty Face by Abi
    This could go in several categories because it's angsty, but it's also hilarious.  Abi makes me laugh out loud.  Repeatedly.  And we both love West Side Story and show tunes.
Three Impossible Things by Jenn

Bat!-Tastic - I have a weak spot for Bruce Wayne, and an even weaker one for Bruce and Lex.  So sue me.
A Mad Season by Dolimir
    I can't tell you how many ways I love this story.  In my SV group this is simply known as the "don't drink tap water" story.
Faint Hopes and Wishes by Polly Bywater
    Lex shouting insults in Latin to a Gotham street gang, and old friend Bruce trying to patch things up with Clark and Lex.  Heaven.
Find Me by Jenn
    A young Bruce and Lex playing hide-and-seek in the mansion - footed pajamas and porn.  What's not to love?
Gotham Underground by Dana
    One of my very favourite Bat stories that picks up on the friendship Lex and Bruce had at Excelsior.
To The Batmobile! by Tamalinn
    A conk on the head and Lex thinks he's ... Batman?  Absolutely hilarious!
Triptych and Tierce by Aklani
    Brutal and painful and more than a little disturbing, but oh-so-good.

Bound and Determined - Because bondage fics need their own special section.
Bare the Cross by CJ
    One of the best fics ever that deals with Clark being bound to that cross ... and what feelings it unleashed in him when Lex found him.
Catharsis by Dana
    Clark on a lab table.  Clark bound ... and begging for ... um, yeah.  Guh!

Caught!  - I like fics where Clark and Lex get caught in ... compromising positions and have to 'fess up.
All the Trappings of Love by Prufrock
    They've been caught and Lex isn't happy about it.  Hilarious!
A Life Less Invulnerable by RivkaT
"You couldn't take a minute to fucking scan for, I don't know, cameras? What is that X-ray vision of yours for?"

Photographic Evidence by Soraya
     A journalist uncovers a secret about President Luthor's seemingly happy marriage.

Domestic Bliss - Sometimes you just need some really Happy Clex!
A Life More Ordinary by Jenn
    "They were roommates before they were lovers."
The Bradbury Titles Series by Wendi  
    Lex has a daughter, and Clark has become protective.  Over the course of the seven stories, Clark has found a place in Lex's life again.
Fostering by Peach  (Also:  Adoption, Fatherhood, Holiday, Tetrad)
    The boys with kids.  It's all good.

Don't Be a Drag - Sometimes it's nice to see the boys dressed up all pretty.
Forum by Andariel
    Lex helps Clark to win a bet ... but it's so much more than that.  Beautiful and evocative.  One of the best "Clark in make-up" fics ever.
Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Schoolgirl Skirts by Henry Jones Jr.
    I believe the title is fairly self-explanatory.  Very funny!
Glitter by Kitty Fisher
    Lex in make-up watching Clark sleep and trying to figure out his life.  Sad and sexy and sweet.
Jailbird  by Aelita
    Clark needs Lex to bail him out.  But what will Lex say when he sees Clark's ... leather skirt?

Freaky Friday - RivkaT owns this category, but seriously, I want to see a rash of body-switching fics and mix-ups in a post-Transference world.
Skin Deep by RivkaT
Clark disobeys Jor-El and wakes up in Lex's bed ... with breasts.
Switch: A Comedy of Terrors by RivkaT
    This is one of the funniest things I've ever read.  Lex and Clark get to walk a mile in each other's ... bodies.

Happy Halloween! - It's my favourite holiday and the boys get to dress up.
Carnal Knowledge by Teaphile
Smallville's answer to 'M. Butterfly.'  It's got a geisha (of sorts) and a very hot scene in the office at The Talon.

Gendered Eggplants and Other Scary Things by Rose Emily
    I love the way Lex interacts with small children--and Clark--at Halloween.  Just hilarious from start to finish.

Have Yourself a Cherry Little Christmas! - Because I love the holidays, and sometimes you just want a bit of seasonal CLex to warm your winter nights.
Coming to Town by Ingrid
      Clark has some trouble during flying practice that results in a special visitor to the farm, complete with reindeer.  Hilarious and sweet.

It Came Just the Same by Lanning Cook - part of the Identical Series
    Part of the larger series, but still the funniest version of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" I have ever read.  Lex deconstructs an old favourite with his usual cynicism and humour.
Naughty & Nice by Caro
    Lex doesn't like Santa Claus.  Wickedly funny.

Is That the Rent-Boy?  (I mean, Kent boy) - Clark being paid for sex.  Who'd a thunk it?
As the Night the Day by Alax and Dana
    One of the most intense and compelling fics on this topic.   You want there to be so much more to it than the money.  So do they.
Just Pie by Livia Penn
    "Sometimes they buy me pie," Clark confessed.  Lex just looked at him. "Please tell me that's a ridiculous euphemism for some deviant sexual behavior I've mysteriously not heard of yet."  A delightful AU where Clark is not a pimp and sometimes pie is just pie.
Love for Sale by Lenore

Made You Laugh! - Because that's what these fics did for me.
Bad Sex by Shropshire
    This is the fic that launched the LJ career of privatetentacle
Cookie Dough and Candy Hearts by Dayspring
    Lex and Martha getting drunk.  Hilarious.

Eleven Letter Words by Helena Handbasket
    (Also:  Botta Secreta, The Denny's Napkin Incident, Please Do Not Tease the Boy Scouts, Quietus Interruptus)
    The boys are going camping.  Enough said.
I Touch Myself by Abi
    Yes, she wrote it for me.  *does happy dance*  Lex and karaoke - who could ask for more?

Karma Demands by Shrift
"Well, Clark, I can't imagine walking with anyone else on a rural road outside of Smallville in the middle of the night after my car's been sexually molested by a rogue farm animal."
Last Buns of Krypton by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
    OMG, I laughed my ass off over this story.  Purple vibrators.  Clark working in a porn shop.  More euphemisms than you can shake a stick at.  I'm still laughing.
Meanwhile, Back in Metropolis by Punk
    There are giant sandworms, but it's got the best "you're late for dinner again, Clark" scene ever.  And extra-tricky pants.
The Middle of Nowhere and The Road Home by Merry
    Very, very funny and the banter between Clark and Lex is spot-on.  Plus ... mutant cows.  Gotta love it.
The Plan by Lenore and Yet Another Plan by Ingrid
    Since reading these, the question "Strawberry or grape?" has never been the same.  Both very funny, but the last one still makes me weep with laughter.  Pineapple lube - the very definition of evil.  Bwahaha!

Pushing by Dolimir
    A short AU where Lex and Clark are college roommates.  Very funny and great characterization.
Skinned by Thamiris
    The best comedy has a sharp edge.  This is exactly that.
Spandex-Wearing Lunatics by Andariel
    Clark attends a conference on being a super-hero.  So funny!
Strange Bedfellows by Rose Emily
    Anything that features Clark and Lionel being forced to share a room and includes the term "nocturnal thruster" is a must.
The Very Cliche Motel Clex Fic by NortylaK
    "Explain to me just why you're going to spend the night in a motel alone with Lex Luthor?"

Oedipus Recs - Ah, that Magnificent Bastard, Lionel Luthor, and Jonathan Kent, King of Platitudes.  How we love to hate them.  These recs all deal with father issues - and Smallville has a lot of them!  Some may deal with incest.  Tread lightly.
Break by RivkaT
    After Jonathan's funeral, Clark turns to Lex for ... something that's always been there.  And they break the desk ... GUH!
Insects by Jane St. Clair
    One of the most disturbing father-son moments ever, but beautifully written.

Pyrrhic by Perryvic and Kat Reitz
    I do love a good epic, and this one is more twisted than most.  Luthorcest warning, but so compelling it's worth it.
The Wasteland by Jenn
    Lex has finally succeeded in bringing down his father, and now has to decide what kind of man he wants to be.  Clark wants to help him.

Phone Sex, Anyone? - Because sometimes you want to reach out and touch someone.
Directory Assistance by Andariel
I love this fic.  It's just ... perfect.
Late Night Phone Calls by Anne
    A long fic with lots and lots of steamy talk.  The sequel is here:  Fulfilling a Fantasy
Two Voices by Dolimir
    Not so much phone sex, as phone-relationship.  A beautifully constructed AU where Clark and Lex connect because of a wrong number ... and keep talking.

Shave and a Haircut - Is it a kink to want to read fics about shaving when one character is bald?  Maybe so.
Marked by Jenn
This is just very hot.  Steamy.  Well, hey, it's Jenn.
Switch: A Comedy of Terrors by RivkaT
    This fic has a great shaving scene.  Who knew shaving could be so ... hot?

There is No Rift - I live in Denial.  I am not alone.  An assortment of no rift or post-rift stories that I like.
Slow Drag by Kat Reitz and Tzigane
    Wouldn't it be worth it if they could go back and set it all right again?

"What Do You Mean You're Pregnant?" - I'm not a huge fan of MPreg stories, but these are the best I've read.
Adaptability by Prufrock
    When is an MPreg not an MPreg?  Read it and find out.  Hilarious!!
Family, Friendship, and Love by Henry Jones Jr.
    This one has it all.

Time and Chance by Dayspring
What makes this story great is that the characters are very real - the pregnancy is difficult, the relationship suffers, and when you think everything will be fine ... she pulls the rug out from under you.  But there's still a happy ending.  Read it.

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