Shadows and Stone:  Beginnings (Updated Oct. 8, 2005)

    These are stories that chronicle the early experiences of Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne as they meet as young boys at Excelsior Prep and grow to become friends.  Stories are listed in reading order, but each story can stand alone.

Alfred (G) - Alfred's POV.  Alfred gets ready to send Bruce to school for the first time.

Bruce (G) - Bruce's POV.  Bruce arrives at Excelsior Prep and considers what the experience might be like.

Lionel (G) - Lionel's POV.  Lionel delivers Lex to Excelsior Prep to begin his education.

Lex (G) - Lex's POV.  Lex and Bruce meet for the first time as roommates.

Hair (G) - Bruce's POV.  Smallville's meteor shower (October 1989) changes Lex's life forever.

Nightmares (G) - Mixed POV.  Real friends can tell each other anything.  Even about their nightmares.

Kiss (PG) - Bruce's POV, 12 years old.  Lex asks the question:  "Have you ever kissed a girl?"  (Warning: m/m kiss.)

Flauting It (PG) - Lex's POV, 14 years old.  Bruce tries out for school band.  And his instrument ... ?  (A slashy thought or two - nothing more.)  NEW!!

Bruce and Lex at Excelsior
Graphic by mkitty_03

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