Comrades in Arms:  This is my Canon
by Lacey McBain

THIS IS MY CANON - may include fic spoilers
Major departures from comic or show canon or accepted fanon are shown in red.
Original characters are listed in blue.

Alexander "Lex" Luthor -   Based largely on the Justice League cartoon characterization, this Lex is ruthless, ambitious, and evil.  He didn't go to Smallville, doesn't have a personal relationship with Clark, and although he went to school with Bruce Wayne, they were never roommates or friends.

Physical description:  6 feet tall, blue-grey eyes, bald, broad-shouldered and heavy-set.  (
Cartoon verse based - Clancy Brown voice.)
Age:  Early 40s

Bruce Wayne (Batman) -  Based largely on the Justice League cartoon characterization, this Bruce is quiet, dark, and brooding.  He's lost so many people in his life, he's scared of losing any more, but he desperately tries to hide that fact by keeping people at a distance.  Even the ones he wants to be closest to.  He'a about 14 years older than Wally.

Physical description:  6' 2'', blue eyes, almost black hair  (Cartoon verse based - Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman!)
Age:  Early 40s

Clark Kent (Superman)Based largely on the Justice League cartoon characterization, this Clark is the world's biggest Boy Scout in many ways.  Or at least that's what Bruce calls him.  He and Bruce are close friends, although there's always a certain amount of friction given their personalities.  Clark's with Lois and he hates Luthor with a passion.  (Not that kind of passion.)

Physical description:  6'4, blue eyes, black hair.  (Cartoon verse based.)
Age:  Mid-thirties

Richard John "Dick" Grayson  (Nightwing) Based largely on the cartoon characterization from Batman:  TAS and Gotham Knights with a dose of comics thrown in.  Dick's carefree and reckless, a hopeless flirt and hopelessly in love with Barbara Gordon.  He and Bruce have a father-son relationship complete with all the difficulties that go with it.  He came to live with Bruce when he was around 8, became Robin around 10 or 11, and left to become Nightwing when he was 18.  Wally's his best friend and he's known him since they formed the Teen Titans.

Physical description:  Gotham Knights  (Cartoon verse based.)
Age:  Around 24.

Dr. Chase Meridian, Ph.D. -  Based largely on Nicole Kidman's portryal from Batman Forever, she's pushy and predatory and more than a little ambitious.  She believes she's a professional, but others might take exception to that.  She's sexy and strong and her past with Bruce Wayne was passionate, but unhealthy.  She knows his secrets and what buttons to push.

Wallace Rudolph "Wally" West (The Flash) - Based largely on the Justice League cartoon characterization, this Wally is a happy-go-lucky guy.  But make no mistake, he's all grown up and he wants to be taken seriously as part of the League and especially by Batman.  He got his powers at the age of 10 when a freak accident granted him super-speed.

Physical description:  6 feet tall, green eyes, red hair.  Kind of a red-haired Michael Rosenbaum.
Age:  Around 28.

Timothy "Tim" Drake (Robin II - no Jason Todd) -  Based largely on the Teen Titans Tim, he lives with his dad and his dad's girlfriend Dana, and they have no idea he's Robin.  Tim's dad's recovering from poor health, and Tim feels torn between home and being the hero he wants to be.

Age:  15

Conner "Kon" Kent (Superboy) -  Based largely on the Teen Titans.

Bartholomew "Bart" Allen (Kid Flash, formerly Impulse) -  Based largely on the Teen Titans.


Alfred Pennyworth -  Trusted confidante, surrogate father, a man for all seasons.  Alfred's determined to keep all of his boys alive and reasonably healthy despite their darker sides.

Barbara Gordon - Daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, this Barbara is taken from the comics verse, meaning she is formerly Batgirl and now Oracle.  She was shot by the Joker and confined to a wheelchair.  She is involved with Dick Grayson.

Barry Allen - Police scientist and first Flash.  Wally's mentor, married to Wally's aunt.  Barry's death made Wally into a hero before he felt he was ready for it.

The Justice League -
Unlimited.  Watchtower base in orbit around the moon.

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