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Batman/DC Universe Recs Page  - May 2005.

FanFic 100 Challenge - 100 fics to celebrate Bruce Wayne/Wally West - updated Oct. 15, 2005

Shadows and Stone Universe
    Batman meets Smallville.  In this Universe, Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne were schoolmates, friends, and lovers at Excelsior Prep.   There are boarding school stories,  Smallville stories, and Future!Fic.  Early stories are Brex.  Smallville and beyond are Clex (with a good helping of UST between Lex and Bruce). 

Comrades in Arms Universe
    Based mostly in the Justice League cartoon universe, Bruce Wayne and Wally West slowly grow into a relationship that could either save them both or destroy the world.

Stand-alone Batman  Fiction

Falling (PG)
- March 2005
It's always the same.

How to Succeed in Gotham Without Really Trying (PG) - August 2005
      No one realizes how hard it is to save Gotham from itself.

Five Things Robin Didn't Really Want to Know about Batman (PG) - April 2009  NEW!!

Stand-alone Batman/Justice League Fiction

Kid Stuff (PG) - April 2005
    After the events of the JLU episode "Kid Stuff," Batman and Superman don't immediately turn back into adults.

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