Comrades in Arms

Stories by Lacey McBain
Based in the Justice League cartoon verse (with some exceptions)
For everything you need to know about this universe, consult  This is my Canon (under development).

In Reading Order :

Beginnings (PG)

Movie Night at the Watchtower (G)

How to Eat an Oreo Cookie (PG)

On the Couch, or The Way Clouds Feel (PG)

Chasing the Moment (NC-17)

Threats and Promises (R)

What You Don't Know (PG)

Won't Hurt You (PG)

Accountable (R)

Moving Heaven and Earth for You (NC-17)  Work in Progress - Updated August 13, 2007

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For a darker view of The Flash, a companion verse to CiA, check out Dark Lightning.  (Warning - Work in Progress)