Shadows and Stone:  The Future is Ours (Updated October 12, 2005)

   Clark Kent and Lex Luthor are all grown up and sharing a life in Metropolis.  Clark has taken up the role of Superman (with guidance from Bruce Wayne) and has formed the Justice League of America.  These stories reflect the unique challenges of sharing their lives.

WARNING:  Some stories contain m/m relationships.  Stories are primarily Clark/Lex.

Getting Jiggy (NC-17) - A nosy reporter and a newspaper article stand in the way of our boys getting jiggy.

De-Briefing (PG-13) - The games Bruce and Lex play have Clark shaking his head.  Picks up on an incident
                                        from Coffee Shop Confidential.  Now featuring art by d_copper.

Take Us To Your Luthor (R) - Aliens have landed and only Lex can help them.

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