Shadows and Stone:  SIX (A Work
in Progress)
(Counter Added August 2, 2005)

    The story begins at the elegant party being held in New York City for Excelsior Prep, whose illustrious alumni include Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor, and Harry Osborn.  But something goes terribly wrong and six of the world's most intriguing men disappear into thin air.
WARNING:   Some stories contain m/m relationships.  Pairings/ratings listed per section.
As with most of my work, the main pairing is Clex, Bruce and Lex share a history together, Dick and Bruce are struggling with their feelings, and Peter and Harry are best friends when this opens.

Part 1:  The Alumni Party (August 2004)

Part 2: Unmasked (October 2004)

Part 3: Twenty-Four Hours (August 2005) - temporary LJ link  NEW!!

Part 4:  Captivity (August 2005) - temporary LJ link  NEW!!

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