Shadows and Stone:  The Smallville Stories (Updated Mar. 6, 2005)

   Clark Kent and Lex Luthor meet in Smallville and find a friendship/love that will be the "stuff of legend" - but they both must face Lex's history with Bruce Wayne, and the feelings and complications that come with it.  Stories may contain m/m relationships.  All stories in this section are primarily Clark/Lex.

On the Edge of a Knife (R) - Clark comes to a decision about Lex and his secrets.  First time story.

The "Green Pigs and Ham" Story Arc
The first three stories take place over two days.  The last three stories take place over a few days, approximately one month later.

Complicated (PG-13) - The first time Clark meets Bruce Wayne everything goes about as well as can be expected.

The Morning After (PG-13) - Clark has an unpleasant surprise waiting for him at the mansion.

Coffee Shop Confidential (R) - The town thinks Lex has a new boyfriend, and it isn't Clark.

Dancing With Ghosts (R) - Bruce is in town for the holidays and Clark's less than thrilled.

The Christmas Party (R) - Clark's going to the LuthorCorp Christmas Party with Chloe, and Lex is going with Bruce.

Ham for the Holidays (NC-17) - Christmas with the Kents is a little more lively this year with the inclusion of Lex and Bruce.

Seventeen (planned) - Lex is forced to choose between keeping a promise to Clark or to Bruce, and it all goes back to a night that changed everything when they were seventeen.

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