Dark Spaces by mkitty_03  Shadows and Stone:  Dark Spaces (Updated Oct. 6, 2005)
Graphic created by mkitty_03.  Thanks!!
    These are stories that explore the turbulent, frustrating, and sometimes passionate teenage years of Bruce and Lex at Excelsior Prep.  Some stories contain m/m relationships.

Tangled (R) - Age 15.  Lex and Bruce wrestle with their emotions in the dark.

Snow Job (R) - Age 15.  Bruce wants to stop Lex from doing something they'll both regret.

Close Shave (PG) - Age 15.  There's something fascinating about watching a man shave.  More fascinating about getting to try it for yourself.  At least, Lex thinks so.  NEW!!

Harry (PG) - Age 15.  Harry Osborn gets a visit from the school's two most notorious students.

Broken (PG) - Age 15.  Sequel to "Harry."

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